FIF Board Of Directors

Richard D. Spight Chairman

Dick graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Fish and Wildlife. He is now semi-retired from a career in communications and development. His long held belief is that uncontrolled human population growth will be the end of many species of wildlife. This belief led him to focus on islands where habitats can make all the difference. His focus is primarily on fundraising for the Foundation.

Robert H. Lewis Treasurer

A graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology and Princeton University in Organic Chemistry, Bob spent over 30 years working in the energy field in the US and Europe. He has been interested in birds and bird conservation since the '70s, and has been an adult education instructor in these areas since the early '90s. Travel to island locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and Hawaii served to reinforce Bob’s perception of the uniqueness and vulnerability of island eco-systems, and the accelerating need to preserve them.

Jerry H. Daniel
Recording Secretary

Jerry graduated from the University of Tennessee in Engineering, and spent more that 40 years working in the space, nuclear, and energy fields. His island interest started with helping supply the Farallon Islands research station. He is especially interested in removal of non-endemic species and improvement of island habitat.

Judith A. Fortney Investments

A graduate of London University and Duke University, Judith has spent more than 30 years working in international public health. A demographer by training, she has a long standing interest in the impact of population growth on the environment and species extinction. Judith’s main interest in islands is the impact of restoration and maintenance of habitat on birdlife. She is responsible for the Foundation’s investments.

Kelsey Fitzgerald
Board Member

Kelsey graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in biology, and spent the following ten years working on wildlife biology, conservation and environmental restoration projects around the US. A season spent on the Big Island in Hawaii working with the endangered Hawaiian crow sparked her interest in island conservation, and she has since had the good fortune to visit several other incredible island ecosystems, including Dominica and Madagascar. Kelsey is currently studying in the journalism Master's program at University of Nevada, Reno, and hopes to use this degree to help improve communication between scientists and the public.