Equipment For The Study of Least Terns Alameda Island

The Golden Gate chapter of the National Audbon Society (GGAS) has been working since 1976 to study and protect California's northernmost Least Tern colony, situated on Alameda Island in the San Francisco Bay. In conjunction with GGAS efforts, the tern colony grew from 10 nests to 440 28 years. In 2003, the colony produced the second highest number of Least Tern fledglings of any nesting colony in the state. Situated on land previously administered by the US Navy, the property now the site of a proposed National Wildlife Preserve. Further GGAS research of the colony includes plans to install remote-sensing digital cameras in an effort to better understand predation patterns and tern behavior. The Farallon Islands Foundation provided a $5,000 grant toward the funding of this photographic system.

  • Year of grant: 2013
  • Amount: $5,000
  • Grantee: Golden Gate Audubon Society