Eradicating invasive rotents on San Ignacio and San Pedro Martir Islands in the Gulf Of California

Continuing our support of Island Conservation (formerly ICEG), FIF helped fund the eradication of invasive rat species on two of the most important islands for seabirds in Mexico’s Gulf of California. As the scientists at Island Conservation explain, San Pedro Mártir is one of the most important seabird islands in the Gulf of California, but its potential is much greater. Since it is the most isolated island in the Gulf, it provides ideal habitat for the Fish-eating Bat, Myotis vivesi, endemic to the Baja California region and is suitable for breeding colonies of storm-petrels, murrelets, and tropicbirds. Farallon Islands Foundation is proud to support Island Conservation, the rare scientific organization that combines research with results, truly living up to their motto, Preventing Extinctions.

  • Year of grant: 2007
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Grantee: Island Conservation