Helping to preserve Indri habitat on Madagascar

Critically endangered lemurs and amphibians cling to survival in the rainforests of eastern Madagascar, one of Earth's major biodiversity hotspots. In the island's Moramanga District, threats from extractive industries and unregulated subsistence agriculture pose dire risks to wildlife, including the Indri, the world’s largest surviving lemur species. FIF's grant to the Rainforest Trust will help this organization purchase land and collaborate with local Malagasy partners to protect several areas totaling 74,816 acres. The largest of these, the proposed Mangabe protected area, is also habitat for the critically endangered Golden Mantella Frog, one of Madagascar’s most threatened and enigmatic amphibian species.

  • Year of grant: 2015
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Grantee: Rainforest Trust