Sensor Instrument For Underwater Research

A device to measure ocean water conductivity, temperature, and depth in nearshore and island habitats.

Marine Applied Research & Exploration Group (MARE) collects important underwater data and video around islands and the nearshore Pacific coast of the United States, down to 1,300' deep. This includes locations around the Channel Islands and Farallon Islands of California. They will soon perform environmental assessments, including water quality monitoring and surveys of endangered fish, off the Oregon Coast. This work is in partnership with Oregon State University in preparation for the installation of wave-powered, commercial electric generators.

This research requires the measuring capability of the underwater sensor shown below, which measures conductivity, temperature, depth, salinity, density, sound velocity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and other parameters of value.

The Farallon Islands Foundation and Oregon State University provided funds to purchase this sensor instrument.

  • Year of grant: 2011
  • Amount: $7,500
  • Grantee: MARE