Scrap and Trash Cleanup on Southeast Farallon Island

Volunteers at work

Bundling scrap

Shuttling loads

Increasingly, the Foundation gets involved in projects that involve more than one organization and sometimes several, such as removal of the scrap and trash from the SE Farallon Island. Many people contributed to the accumulation of debris over the years, including egg gatherers, the US Coast Guard, light house keepers and others. But wind, salt, waves and metal erosion soon defeat metals that are not painted and maintained. And so the US Fish and Wildlife Service put together a group of cooperating agencies to haul off several corroded piles of metal. Arrangements were made with the Farallon Island Foundation to bring their founders first boat to the islands with several volunteers from the Richmond Yacht Club. They also brought supplies such as duct tape and a band saw.

All equipment and supplies were off loaded. Stage two was stacking corresponding pieces in neat piles securely held together with duct tape. These were then carried to a large concrete landing pad for the helicopters. Larger or more awkward pieces were wrapped with rope slings.

At a later date a twin prop Navy Helicopter flew out to the island to transport all the bundles of scrap to a barge. That was then taken to a scrap recycler in Richmond who offloaded the scrap in return for selling it. The Foundation contributed with funds for the helicopter plus rounding up the volunteers and transporting them to and from the island.