Dual Pane Window Retrofit

Energy efficient windows for laboratory, offices & scientists’ quarters.

Point Reyes Bird Observatory and the US Fish and Wildlife Service aim to have the buildings on the Farallon Islands as self sufficient as possible. There are two buildings in use; one houses the resident scientists, and the other is used as office and laboratory space. Both are old and, prior to these improvements, not energy-efficient.

FIF made a grant to help achieve the goal. This grant replaced the old, single-paned windows with new, energy-efficient windows in both buildings. A related grant, funded from another source, added new clapboard siding, underlain by Tyvek building wrap, to the exterior walls.

  • Year of grant: 1999
  • Amount: $12,384
  • Grantees: Point Reyes Bird Obervatory
    • US Fish & Wildlife Service